PM must now finally rule out no-deal

Responding to the votes in the House of Commons tonight, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“After two years of failed negotiations, the Prime Minister still has no credible plan to deliver a Brexit deal that can command the support of those who voted leave and remain, has the support of Parliament and protects jobs in Portsmouth and our city’s economy.

Tonight the House of Commons rejected no-deal which would be disastrous for Portsmouth and our nation. I am assured so many put party politics to one side, prioritised our country, and worked across the House to rule out a no-deal.

The Prime Minister has consistently said she supports democracy, so its high time she applies the same principle and respects the will of the House.

Preparations for no-deal are costing £170,000 per hour and would cost Portsmouth 1,300 jobs. The Brexit Secretary himself has said ‘no one wants it’, and tonight Parliament has spoken with one voice to rule it out. The Government must now do the same”.

Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary said:

“Its one thing for backbenchers to lay an amendment at odds with the Prime Minister’s deal. It quite another for the Prime Minister to support it – unless of course she’d already got an indication from the EU that they could and would negotiate the necessary changes. But she hasn’t”.

The city MP also voted for an amendment that would have allowed democracy to take place and allowed for an alternative Brexit to be put on the table, one that protects jobs, living standards and workers rights through a strong single market deal and a comprehensive customs union.

The same amendment also allowed for the option of a public vote on a deal, a notion that polls suggest 70% of Portsmouth South residents support.

Mr Morgan added:

“Theresa May is continuing to push the narrative of her deal or no-deal, attempting to force the public into accepting a substandard and uncertain deal as the lesser of two evils – both of which would make our city and our country poorer.

The people of Portsmouth and this nation deserve to be presented with better options than what this Government is currently offering.

I will always put Portsmouth first. This means that today I voted for amendments that would allow us to renegotiate a deal that would be supported by Parliament and leaves the option for a people’s say on the table”.