Portsmouth MP writes to Grayling for support to city’s port

City MP Stephen Morgan has today followed up concerns from Portsmouth over the Government’s handling of no-deal Brexit preparedness at the city’s port as the Department of Transport continues to fail Portsmouth with a lack of answers and certainty.

In the letter the Portsmouth South MP says:

“I note with interest your letter of today with regards to press reports about the closure of the M3 and potential use of ‘STACK’ arrangements.

Portsmouth now needs to see your department listening to legitimate concerns and support and assurance from your team, and indeed other relevant government departments, to assist in the region’s preparedness for Brexit”. 

Specifically the MP raised concerns over the impact delays would have on the Royal Navy’s ability to do its job in the city:

“As a Member of Parliament for the home to the Royal Navy, I would also like to make you aware that resilience planning is essential for Portsmouth Naval Base, which could suffer delays in the city impacting staff, as well as suppliers, getting in and out of the base which adjoins the port.

It is vital for our national security that the Royal Navy is not adversely affected”. 

Today’s letter follows attendance at a resilience forum with council leaders at Portsmouth International Port last week, raising concerns directly with Mr Grayling in the House of Commons this week and submission of parliamentary questions today to seek assurance.