Brexit legal advice shows deal has ‘serious and deep seated flaws’

Having been found contempt of Parliament yesterday, the Government has now finally published the Attorney General’s legal advice concerning the Northern Ireland backstop ahead of votes in the House of Commons next Tuesday.

Labour have always argued there is nothing disclosed in the advice that harms national interest although there is plenty content that is embarrassing to the Government.

Responding to the publication of the legal advice today, city MP Stephen Morgan said:

“After a chaotic week and having being found in contempt of Parliament, the Government has today published the Attorney General’s legal advice.

The advice highlights the central weakness in the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and the clear failure of these negotiations. It shows there will be significant differences between Northern Ireland and Great Britain under the backstop including regulatory checks and customs declarations. It shows there will be new barriers to trade and it shows the backstop could last indefinitely.

I’m pleased my vote yesterday helped ensure publication of the legal advice. What we’ve learnt today is how completely unacceptable it was for the Government to withhold this important legal paper.

But what it shows most of all is the ‘deal’ the Prime Minister has negotiated has serious and deep seated flaws.

For that reason, I cannot support it when Parliament votes next week”.