Where’s the money for our police? Asks Portsmouth MP

After the Chancellor failed to announce any money for neighbourhood policing, Portsmouth MP reminds him you can’t protect public on the cheap.

Stephen Morgan MP has slammed the Government after this week’s budget made no mention of frontline policing. Hampshire Constabulary and lost almost 1,000 police officers and over £80 million from its budget under the Tories, with an additional £28 million cut over the next few years.

This week, there is further as the Government plans to enforce a extra £4 million budget squeeze on Hampshire Constabulary by requiring an increase in their pension contribution.

The Chancellor announced a small amount of money for specialist counter-terror policing but made no funding available to local police hit hardest by cuts. This is despite finding half a billion for no-deal Brexit preparations.

Stephen Morgan MP, said:

 “I’m shocked that this budget saw nothing for our cash-strapped police. In fact, rather than a reverse in the devastating cuts to local policing in Portsmouth, we got news of a further £4 million slash to our budget.

The Tories continued assault on frontline policing is driving down pay and morale, and making our city less safe. I won’t let up in standing up for our hardworking officers and the Portsmouth communities who depend on them. 

“The Government needs to recognise that you can’t protect the public on the cheap.”

John Apter, chair of the Police Federation added: 

This is just another example of the contempt in which the Government holds police officers. What does it say when a Government prioritises pot holes over policing?

“This budget was the perfect opportunity to address the overwhelming issues facing the police service in England and Wales – but hard-working officers on the street have been ignored once again.

“The Federation welcomes the investment in counter terrorism capability but given the threat level this country is facing it is a necessity dressed up a gift. And the very minimum which is required with more than 700 live counter terrorism investigations.

“What about my colleagues who work on neighbourhood policing teams, the response officers who answer the public’s 999 calls and the CID investigators securing convictions of those who terrorise our societies. There was nothing for them.

“I am angry and disappointed, but I can’t say I am shocked. This level of disdain is what has come to symbolise this Government”.

The city MP has vowed to continue his fight to ensure Portsmouth police get the resources they need to tackle the rising crime in the city.